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The State Society for Microelectronics and Semiconductors (SEMyS) is the tool that provides funding instruments to the industry that strengthen the chip sector.

Created in 2022, within the framework of PERTE Chip, it channels public investments in the sector and fosters public-private collaboration. In line with the sector's own technological changes, its organization is designed to innovate and adapt to change.


Jaime Martorell Suárez

With more than 40 years of experience in launching and managing technology companies, he is considered one of the pioneers of SiliconValley. In 1983 he founded the semiconductor company Logic Devices.

Guillermo Gómez Fontecha

Industrial Engineer from the Polytechnic University ofMadrid, he has spent his professional career in private enterprise, where he worked in R&D centers, and in the public sector, at the Secretary of Statefor Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructures.

Pedro Martín Jurado

A Telecommunications Engineer from the PolytechnicUniversity of Madrid, he has an extensive career in the ICT and telecommunications sector, both in the public and private sectors.

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