Perte Chip

Microelectronics & Semiconductors

Strategic Project to make Spain a country of reference in the design and manufacture of Chips


Chip Chairs' grants available to train more than 1,000 semiconductor professionals

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Spain and the leading semiconductor R&D institute IMEC sign a declaration of intent to boost the microelectronics ecosystem

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Microchip Ecosystem

Spain is committed to support the existing industry ecosystem throughout the country. Find out who is on it:


Companies, SMEs and Multinational companies make up a powerful sector in Spain.


Supporting the development of microelectronics and the relationship between centers to take advantage of existing and potential synergies.


Generating and expanding the synergies between our universities to promote talent.

SEMyS roadmap

The State Enterprise for Microelectronics and Semiconductors (SEMyS) was created with the objective to boost the growth of the microelectronics and semiconductors industry and make Spain one of the European leaders in chip supply.

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perte chip
The project to make Spain a benchmark in the design and manufacture of chips

Amid the country's digital transformation, the Government launched the Strategic Project for Microelectronics and Semiconductors, known as PERTE Chip, aimed to bolster the industry’s’ value chain based on existing strengths. It is structured around four axis, based on domestic strengths, to expand the design and production capabilities of microchips in Spain. It is an ambitious plan financed with Next Generation EU funds.

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4 Strategic Components
To strengthen R&D&I capabilities

The PERTE Chip is developed around four strategic axis, covering the entire industry value chain at different levels.

These strategic components serve as a demand generator for domestic production of microchips and to boost the semiconductor entrepreneurial ecosystem.

1. Bolstering scientific capability

Focused on building up the scientific capability of the Spanish ecosystem.

2. Fabless design strategy

Essential to nourish the design activity, that is essential to the industry.

3. Construction of manufacturing  plants

Projects aimed at increasing Spain’s production capacity and capability.

4. Stimulating the ICT manufacturing industry

Oriented to create a fund to finance innovative SMEs, startups and national scaleups in the semiconductor sector.

Special Commissioner for the PERTE Chip

Integrated in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, this function is responsible for promoting and coordinating the deployment of all PERTE’s activities towards strengthening the national ecosystem and to place Spain among the benchmark countries in the semiconductor industry.

The Special Commissioner has a technical office to carry out these functions, among which is to promote close, high-level dialogue with the industry sectors. SEMyS plays this role.

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Comisionado Especial para el PERTE Chip

Organismo, integrado en el Ministerio de Asuntos Económicos y Transformación Digital, encargado de promover y coordinar el despliegue de las actuaciones del proyecto estratégico de microelectrónica y semiconductores para reforzar el ecosistema nacional y situar a España entre los países referentes de esta industria.

El Comisionado Especial contará con una oficina técnica para el desarrollo de sus funciones, entre las que destaca el fomento de diálogo estrecho y de alto nivel con el sector.

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An innovation-friendly organization

The State Enterprise for Microelectronics and Semiconductors (SEMyS) is the tool with which to provide the industry with financing instruments that will build up the chip sector.

Within the framework of PERTE Chip, this instrument aims to mobilize public investments in the sector and foster public-private cooperation. Aligned with the complex semiconductor sector and with its own features, this organization is designed to innovate and adapt to change.

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Trust in SEMyS

As part of the SEPIDES public business conglomerate, SEMyS deploys its activity under principles of information disclosure and accountability that provides credibility and confidence to the sector.

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Confianza en SEMyS

Como parte del conglomerado empresarial público de Sepides, SEMyS desarrolla su actividad bajo los principios de publicidad de información y rendición de cuentas que confieren credibilidad y confianza en el sector.

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Building up an innovative ecosystem

Information on the calls launched to promote the growth of the microelectronics and semiconductor industry.

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Spanish Government invests €50 million in 15 projects for microelectronics ecosystem’s development

More than 60 companies will benefit from the 'Chip Missions' grants in collaboration with the CDTI.

Jaime Martorell, Special Commissioner, participates in the Chips JU inauguration

Jaime Martorell, Special Commissioner, participates also in the Chips JU inauguration

Grants to train more than 1,000 new experts in microelectronics have been to the university community

The aid, totaling over 80 million euros from the Next Generation EU Funds, will be available at the end of the month.

Chip Chairs' grants available to train more than 1,000 semiconductor professionals

The call, within the framework of the PERTE Chip, has been published today in the BOE (Official State Gazette). Applications may be submitted until September 12, with a budget of 80 million euros.

Spain and the leading semiconductor R&D institute IMEC sign a declaration of intent to boost the microelectronics ecosystem

The announcement shows the institute’s interest in strengthening cooperation inSpain within the framework of the Perte Chip.

First meeting of the Perte Chip Group of Experts

The Committee, made up of 11 experts in the microelectronics sector, strengthens PERTE's governance.

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